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Archive | February, 2016

False Gurus and Cults: The Dangers of Spiritual Idolatry

ACM group Spiritual Path

The spiritual world can be a refuge from the avarice and ignorance of the materialistic twenty first century societies we live in. Finding a true path and, perhaps, a teacher or guru, can feel like you have finally found your purpose in life. It can, however, also be a realm where it is hard to keep your feet on the ground. A wise spiritual teacher once told me to keep my eye on the path and not to lose myself in the mysterious moments that may come through deep meditation. Don’t look at the lightning in the sky or you may stray from the path and be lost forever.

A Place of Heart

The spiritual journey is often a heartfelt journey; when we come home to ourselves we are grateful to those who have guided us there. It is, also, a realm where the borders around things are less distinct; spiritual energy moves beyond matter. Sometimes that heart space can be manipulated by people who misrepresent themselves in the spiritual dimension. There are false gurus and cults: the dangers of spiritual idolatry are real. Sometimes what begins as something beautiful and innocent turns into something evil and abhorrent.

Love Can Be Abused

You can fall in love with the Master, with the egoless wisdom of what he or she represents; you are the seeker and he the Beloved. Love is a very important means of transferring spiritual truth from teacher to disciple. You can see how this situation can lend itself to exploitation when unscrupulous people are involved. In a spiritual organisation the fish rots from the head; and it only takes one powerful individual to take a wrong turn. When there are many followers and only one leader, as in totalitarian states, the outcomes can be Jones Town and Waco.

Avoiding Spiritual Ego

This is why we at ACM Group are scrupulous about our commitment to pure spirit. It is why we are mindful of avoiding spiritual ego; we are vigilant in our self checking processes. False gurus and cults: the dangers of spiritual idolatry are out there. In yoga organisations and religious groups you can find corruption and misuse of power. We at ACM, being aware of the pitfalls, can traverse the chasm of fire with a pure heart. Always ask yourself, when called upon by others to do something, is this task something my heart and mind are truly comfortable with? Never blindly follow the will of others. Peace be with you.



What Is Advanced Conscious Meditation?

acm group meditation answers all calls

Advanced conscious meditation is the culmination of a lifetime of meditative practice. It is when the meditator is merely a vessel for heart based consciousness. The witness state has become the default position; and the seeker and the sought are one. The technique or tradition of the meditation is irrelevant; it is only the state of being that matters. The spiritual or religious background of the meditator is, equally, irrelevant. We at ACM Group are respectful of all religious and spiritual belief systems. Meditation is not only a pathway to enlightenment for the individual; as a group process it can, also, save humanity from destruction.

Meditation answers all calls, peacefully, and it purifies the consciousness as it expands the consciousness. In answering the question, what is advanced meditation? We would say it is the reflection of a billion souls in the fragment of a star fallen to earth. We at ACM Group honour all meditators everywhere around the planet. If the whole world meditated for a moment, all suffering would be eradicated from the globe instantly. Avarice, greed, anger, suspicion, all of these things, cannot exist in a state of advanced conscious meditation. The heart chakra and the crowning third eye chakra will blaze and obliterate these negative states with pure love.

Meditation organisations in every country around the world are aware of the need for advanced conscious meditation to become ‘the way’ for humanity. We at ACM Group are but one of the many petals on the mandala of planetary consciousness. The cosmic breath draws life from the spiritual being and it is returned in a never ending cyclical interplay. The more you meditate, the more you are part of the radiance of light; and the deeper your roots stretch into the foundations of all life.

What is advanced conscious meditation? Who am I? These are the Zen like questions which echo in the heart chamber of existence. Discover the watcher, the eternal witness; and the peace of mind beyond ego, self and Maya. Your life is like a movie on a 3D screen being played inside your head; step aside and see beyond all hope and fear. We at ACM Group go to the feet of the ultimate truth of the one. Buddham Saranam Gacchami.


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