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Archive | March, 2016

All-Night Yoga and Meditation Sessions Now Available

Imagine watching the dawn come up after an all-night yoga and meditation session. This is what real yoga and meditation is all about. As of this month we are offering hard-core yoga and meditation enthusiasts the chance to experience all-night yoga and meditation sessions. Connect deep to your inner core and to the heart of the universe. Pulse together in perfect harmony; as new consciousness and enlightenment dawns upon you. Life and spirit demand commitment; the monks of old in the ashram would not hesitate to devote all to their pursuit of satori.

Moments, like grains of sand, are many and are one. The universe calls in a never ending stream of consciousness from moon beams to starlight. Waves of awareness ripple as if in an ocean of enlightenment and you are there awake and alive; all night long. The Master walks among the kneeling forms of his disciples, gently tapping shoulders with his meditation staff to bring you back into the moment once again. The exquisite bliss of this gift frees you from the never ending wheel of your thoughts; which entangles you in ego and Maya.

All-Night Yoga and Meditation Sessions Now Available

Walk in our Vipassana garden, amid the living and breathing entities. Trust your gentle steps in the dark and make your way along the path toward the eternal light. Each breath taken and released and the space between heart beats are your guiding lights on this journey to the centre of your being and the universe. The Master will lead and you will follow; trust the wisdom of the Master.

Participants fast for several days prior to the all-night yoga and meditation sessions. All participants remain in silence for the duration of the event. No communication of any sort is allowed between meditators. Blindfolds are provided for all participants and loose comfortable clothing is recommended. No perfumes or scents of any kind are to be worn during the all-night session and forty eight hours prior to the event. Physical contact between meditators is strictly forbidden.

As the first light emerges from the deepest dark of the night you will be bathed in bliss by the moment. You will stretch with the specially designed ACM Group yoga asanas and lift up your heart chakra and third eye to meet the cosmic showering of new life. Breathe and be one with all. Be in bliss. Be in bliss. Be in bliss.


Yoga Tours: Candy Consciousness for The Social Media Set

ACM Group meditation travel

Yoga can take you places, and I mean literally! Yes, countless yogis have travelled the world on a one-of-a-kind retreat balancing relaxation, wellness and adventure through yoga tours. This hot new trend in travel lets participants practice yoga in different parts of the world whilst relaxing and invigorating their bodies, minds and spirits.

What attracts countless people from all over the world to join these tours, you ask? Yoga tours offer incredible opportunities for deep relaxation and rejuvenation in the most beautiful and relaxing environment. When people are on a yoga tour, they have a complete break from their daily responsibilities. They feel liberated and are able to let go of their worries and fears which results in experiencing a deeper level of contentment and harmony within them.

Yoga retreats can change your life.

Some benefits include:

  • Expanding your consciousness which makes transformation faster
  • Nurturing you through deep relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Helping you gain perspective as you find solitude from reflection
  • Relieving stress and calming your thoughts

Yoga tours are held in places with stunning natural surroundings which offer the perfect balance of soothing surroundings, revitalising sessions, and indulgent treatments. Here are some of the famous ones…

The reason yoga tours have become very popular today is because of social media. Famous yoga teachers like Laura Sykora, Kerri Verna and Brian Miller have millions of followers on Instagram. Tara Stiles and other famous yoga instructors also have Youtube videos with hundreds of thousands of views.

Since the internet, yoga has been more available to a lot of people, which is really a good thing, but don’t you feel like it has changed the way we view yoga? Yoga as we all know promote holistic and spiritual consciousness, but nowadays, it has become a bit pop culture and at some point superficial. Sometimes it seems to be more about getting the perfect pose and the perfect location to share on social media platforms and checking how many likes you have than connecting with unity.

Social media has many great benefits and is a positive tool to discover more about yoga. What’s important is that we don’t get sidetracked or distracted on our online behaviour so that we can keep yoga pure and real as it should be.

We here at the ACM group believe that everyone should go or participate in a yoga retreat. In fact, we encourage you to join as it’s a trip of a lifetime which can lead you to finding your balance, self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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