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Archive | May, 2017

Yoga Injuries: Why You May Need a Chiropractor

Yoga injuries can be unexpected and unfortunate for the uninitiated. They are usually the result of being ill prepared and pushing the body too quickly into positions it is not ready for. This is why it is so important to have a yoga instructor, who is experienced and qualified to teach the asanas. With the explosion in popularity of yoga in the west, we have seen a lot of new centres and classes opening. Whether there are enough good yoga instructors filling these centres is a moot point. My advice in any yoga class is to approach all new positions with caution and patience.

Yoga Injuries: Why You May Need a Chiropractor

Yoga is not a race and it is not a competition. Here in the west we are brought up to view all physical activities as contests. Yoga has been incorrectly aligned with physical fitness, when it is actually a spiritual discipline. Yoga is a meditation, involving breath control and the adoption of designated bodily positions. It is not about forcing the body into moves that it may not be ready to make. Yoga injuries can result from students incorrectly getting into positions they are not ready for.

Yoga injuries can include: spinal and neck problems in particular, lower back pain, and some hamstring strains are common. Positions involving the Locust or Wheel pose, with their backbends are often the culprit. A chiropractor can help people who injure themselves in these yoga positions. Shoulder stands are another instance when strains and injuries can occur, when the initiate is not under the guidance of a good instructor. Headstands and handstands are another area where yoga beginners can get into trouble with their bodies. Sometimes you may find yourself in need of a holistic chiropractor.

Finding a good healer, who is familiar with yoga is a good idea for those who do suffer from a yoga injury. Many quality chiropractors are yoga people themselves and understand the human body and what it experiences during the poses. We can all find ourselves at certain times of our lives in need of some healing. When our bodies lose our natural alignment, we need an experienced body worker who respects the healing powers of our bodies. Chiropractors do not believe in an overreliance on drugs and are into natural healing techniques. Yoga is about understanding ourselves through the science of the breath and the body. Seek out a yoga instructor that you can respect and who has your best interests at heart.


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