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All-Night Yoga and Meditation Sessions Now Available

Imagine watching the dawn come up after an all-night yoga and meditation session. This is what real yoga and meditation is all about. As of this month we are offering hard-core yoga and meditation enthusiasts the chance to experience all-night yoga and meditation sessions. Connect deep to your inner core and to the heart of the universe. Pulse together in perfect harmony; as new consciousness and enlightenment dawns upon you. Life and spirit demand commitment; the monks of old in the ashram would not hesitate to devote all to their pursuit of satori.

Moments, like grains of sand, are many and are one. The universe calls in a never ending stream of consciousness from moon beams to starlight. Waves of awareness ripple as if in an ocean of enlightenment and you are there awake and alive; all night long. The Master walks among the kneeling forms of his disciples, gently tapping shoulders with his meditation staff to bring you back into the moment once again. The exquisite bliss of this gift frees you from the never ending wheel of your thoughts; which entangles you in ego and Maya.

All-Night Yoga and Meditation Sessions Now Available

Walk in our Vipassana garden, amid the living and breathing entities. Trust your gentle steps in the dark and make your way along the path toward the eternal light. Each breath taken and released and the space between heart beats are your guiding lights on this journey to the centre of your being and the universe. The Master will lead and you will follow; trust the wisdom of the Master.

Participants fast for several days prior to the all-night yoga and meditation sessions. All participants remain in silence for the duration of the event. No communication of any sort is allowed between meditators. Blindfolds are provided for all participants and loose comfortable clothing is recommended. No perfumes or scents of any kind are to be worn during the all-night session and forty eight hours prior to the event. Physical contact between meditators is strictly forbidden.

As the first light emerges from the deepest dark of the night you will be bathed in bliss by the moment. You will stretch with the specially designed ACM Group yoga asanas and lift up your heart chakra and third eye to meet the cosmic showering of new life. Breathe and be one with all. Be in bliss. Be in bliss. Be in bliss.


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